About Family Daycare

What is Family Day Care?

Family Day Care is a quality, home-based childcare service providing care and education for children in the homes of registered Family Day Care Educators. Our Educators are located in various areas that provide families with flexible care supported by specialist coordination unit.

Today’s working environment is no longer the traditional 9 to 5 routine, Family Day Care is a flexible option of childcare that meets the needs of modern families.

Family Day Care caters for young babies through to pre-teens and can offer care during standard hours, before/after school, during school holidays
and in some exceptional circumstances overnight and weekends.

Serving the community with professional , reliable, inclusive, caring family day care services-Love and Learning!

In family day care setting children develop a close relationship with one consistent educator while socialising with other children of mixed age groups.

Children have opportunities to be an active participant in making decisions and planning for learning experiences. They also have opportunities to engage within a larger group of children through regular, supervised play group sessions and visiting other educator’s environments (buddy group)

Connecting with the local community by way of outings which include visits to the library, local parks, and shops etc is a common feature in family day care setting.