Aims and Objectives



The Service aims to support and assist professionally qualified educators who provide a safe, accessible and purposeful environment that nurtures the wellbeing, development and learning of children in a non-discriminatory manner according to the needs of families.


  • To provide and facilitate an affordable, flexible and quality home-based childcare service that offers care in response to the needs of the community and acts in the best interests of all children.
  • Providing educators with guidance, written instruction and resources to develop, plan and implement quality programs for children that meets their physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs that aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework.
  • Ensuring the program is monitored, documented and evaluated on a regular basis by the educators in collaboration with families, children and community.
  • Involving families in children’s learning so that children display higher level of achievement and display more positive attitudes and behaviour.
  • To ensure close collaboration with stake holders we aim for continuous improvement in service delivery.
  • We aim to adopt diversity positive outlook , supported by our actions and to imbibe in our children the value of acceptance and respect for other people and cultures, including indigenous cultures, thus supporting Australia’s Multicultural Policy.
  • Endeavours to offer care for children with additional needs including children with disabilities and specific cultural and religious requirements, taking into account the views of families and specialists. Relevant support agencies would also be involved where needed.