Recruitment Process

Stage 1 (Date to be confirmed by Nominated Supervisor)

  • Information session: Attend Family Day Care information session
  • Fill in Educator Expression of Interest (EOI) form including Self Assessment

Stage 2


Nominated Supervisor will then contact the Educator to make sure if the Educator (along with the family members) have formed a clear picture and understanding of the role and responsibilities involved in Family Day Care.

  • Interview(60 mins approx) with Educational leader that would be focused on New Frame Work & National Quality Standards along with the knowledge, understanding and ability to work towards the following:
    • National Quality Framework
    • Code of Conduct Policy
    • Best interests of the child
    • Child Protection
    • Children’s growth and learning development
    • Appropriate behaviour management strategies
    • Occupational health & hygiene procedures
    • Children’s nutritional needs
    • Potential hazard identification and management
    • Cultural, Religious & Diversity within our community
    • Communicate effectively with children and adults
    • Computer literacy
    • Organizational skills, including multi tasking & the ability to document observations
    • Communication skills
    • Respond appropriately in an emergency, accident and injury (documenting & reporting)
    • Liaise with Coordinators
    • Positive attitude and sensitivity to individual differences between children and families
    • Privacy & confidentiality
    • Professional development and training
    • Attend Information sessions, Trainings/PDs
    • Critical reflection as a tool for driving quality and best practice
    • Manage time effectively
  • Successful notification: Upon successful completion of verbal and written assessment ,the Nominated Supervisor shall provide:
    1. A comprehensive home safety checklist for in and around the FDC home that can be used as an assessment tool
    2. The Educator’s role and responsibilities pack
    3. Love and Learning FDC information booklet
  • In case there are some issues that need to be addressed, the Nominated Supervisor would decide the course of action and the time frame.
  • The unsuccessgul applicants would be informed accordingly.

Stage 3


The prospective Educator will be invited to attend a meeting . The Nominated Supervisor will take the opportunity to discuss about the do’s and don’ts regarding Family Day Care with Educator and family members
in their own home setting.

The Educator shall also complete & submit Educator application form along with the mandatory requirements:

  1. First aid certificate (CPR to be renewed every year)
  2. Asthma management
  3. Anaphylaxis training ( Epi-pen renewed every year)
  4. Child Protection & Food handling (Can be done once the Educator joins the service)
  5. Completed or working towards Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care
  6. Educator should be over 18 & must hold a current (conducted within 6 months) Police check
  7. Working With Children Check (E) for Educator
  8. Working With Children Check (V) for all adult occupants or regular visitors to home.
  9. Public Liability insurance (Totalling $10 million) from Family Day Care Australia.
  10. Car Safety Check if transporting (is registered, roadworthy and appropriately insured)
  11. ABN number
  12. Medical Assessment (form attached with Educator application)
  13. Age appropriate toys and resources (evidence to be provided)
  14. Reference checks

Initial home safety check: A visit is then arranged by a Coordinator to check the Educator’s home to ensure suitability for children in care . The Coordinator would provide a list of safety issues to be addressed.

Final home safety check: (Date to be decided with the Educator): Once the Educator informs that the issues raised in the Initial check have been addressed to her/his satisfaction, the Coordicator would once again visit the home to conduct a final check.

Once all the above required documents are completed and attached to Educator application form the applicant will move to Orientation process.

Stage 4


Orientation (2 Full days): Consists of familiarizing the Educator with the Family Daycare
environment, and the role and responsibilities that are expected to be performed. The Following topics would
be covered in more detail during the Orientation session:

  • Operating as a FDC Educator
  • National Law and Regulations
  • Information about National Quality Framework
  • The National Quality Standard
  • Assessment and ratings
  • Regulatory Authority (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development)
  • National learning frameworks 1.Belonging, Being and Becoming 2.My Time, Our Place – Framework for School
    Age Care and Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework: Birth to 8 years
  • Communicating with Families
  • Child protection and child safety.
  • Love and Learning Family Day care Policy/Procedure and Website
  • OH&S
  • Risk assessment and Fire evacuation plan
  • Relevant Courses required for professional development.
  • Information about Continuous Quality Improvement Plan
  • All relevant forms needed during FDC operation would be clarified.

Other topics covered during Orientation are as follows:

  • Public Liability Insurance: (minimum of $10 million)
  • Suitability of Educators: (continue to be a suitable person)
  • Quality of care: ( i.e meeting the minimum standards identified in the National Law and National Regulations)
  • Number of children in care: (limitation on the number of children at one given time and excursions )
  • Keeping Records (relating to the care provided within the service, under both the Family Assistance law and the National Law)
  • Privacy: (protected information under the family assistance law , Commonwealth’s Privacy Act 1988)
  • Making a care arrangement with a family: (the care arrangement and all associated invoices, receipts and statements must make clear that the care is being provided by the service)
  • Money arrangements
  • Charging fees ( on behalf of the service as per fee schedule.)
  • CCB and CCR
  • Educator remuneration: (arrangements would be set out in a written agreement between educator and the service operator)
  • Statements and receipts: (providing accurate receipts whenever Educators receive payments from families and provide a record of those receipts to the service)
  • Reporting attendance (correctly)
  • Providing care for the full session: (must be able to provide care for that whole session that has been reported)
  • Reporting suspicious or fraudulent behaviour (Making false statements and/or providing misleading information has serious consequences such as criminal investigation)

Stage 5


An Educator’s Contract/Agreement and Job description will be signed only after the mandatory requirements are on file.

  • Signing of Contract/Agreement: Once all requirements have been met, and all paperwork is in order, Educator will be invited to sign a contract/agreement with the service.
  • Signing of Job description containing duties, responsibilities and obligations.

(Care will not commence until Certificate of Approval issued by Nominate Supervisor duly signed and dated.
Further regular support and training for continuous improvement will be provided as an Educator with Love and Learning FDC.
There would be mandatory training sessions provided to all Educators for professional growth throughout the year.)