Love and Learning Family Daycare Service Philosophy


We strive to provide children with high quality educational care and preschool education based on the Early Years Learning Framework(EYLF), ensuring smooth transitions across all developmental stages.

Nurturing trust-based relationships with children, our educators aim to provide as afe environment, upholding children’s rights and working in their best interests.

Enabling children to explore and engage in stimulating, inclusive and developmentally appropriate play and learning, resulting in holistic development underpinned by critical reflection and  recorded  through meaningful documentation.

Recognising sustainability as a key area of children’s learning to enable them to discover the importance of following sustainable practices as active agents of change and responsible citizens.

Working in close collaboration with families, to welcome and support  their  inputs  to meet their expectations for their children’s development.

Valuing human resource, to create and nurture a team of professionally qualified and responsible educators, with a shared vision and mission, values and behaviour that translate into high quality professional service-under pinned by the EYLF and National Quality Standards.

Striving for continuous improvement in service delivery.

Maintaining diversity positive outlook, supported by our actions and to imbibe in our children the value of acceptance and respect for other people, including indigenous cultures, thus supporting Australia’s Multicultural Policy.

(Jan 2018, Loveand LearningFamily Daycare Services)